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Driving your lights on is weird thing to do. It's not like in North America where Daytime running lights have been the norm years ago. So in the PI, if you turn on your lights too early you luck unusual, weird, etc.

Have you noticed how people keep on using their horns? In the PI its a means of communication like saying:

Excuse me, watch out, careful, hurry up, hey!, nice legs!, and many other things. Try using the horn in North America and see the reaction.

Or how about this. Do you know how many people go out drinking heavily from beer to scotch black in the gimmick areas and how many people go home through EDSA and the other highways, and we all get to go home in one piece. In the Philippines, the way we drive is defensive. Meaning you avoid everyone. And it is normal to avoid another car as soon as 1 ft. of that car moves in your direction. It is also normal to slow down in intersections because it is quite common someone rushes in.

I'll bet you my shirt that the number of accidents in the Philippines is lower than the US considering how many people drink and drive during weekends. Its the way we drive in PI, we are all defensive drivers.
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