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This will be the new place for the radio.
there was a little meaninglesscompartiment here for some useless stuff, so lets give the space some meaning !

Not the normal place for a radio, but that's was just so we didn't have to **up the middleconsole...

there will be people who don't like the setup over there... but didn't have an other (GOOD) option.
In the iron

this is the result of the fiberglass piece.
Thougt of covering it in CF, or doing it in matt black, but changed his mind on the last minute and sprayed it silver? like the christmas-speaker-balls.

We were afraid it may be a bit too much silver, but cause the piece is really far down
If he changes his mind about the colour, it can be resprayed in black orso.

This is the radio with the screen clapped in. .

This is the sight when he sits in the car. Just enough the see all of the radio.

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