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The advantage of posting on forums is that you can sometimes take idea's from the people who reply...

got the armrest between the seats and screwed it onto a wooden plate.
So it look originally

This is the original remote controle that came with the radio.

Took it apart. First thing he did is take the eye (aiming to the radio) out of the remotecontrol (out of the printplate), and he will place it under the seat.
problem solved.

the meaning is the remote will glide out of the armrest.
This is the -so called- glider where it will run into

you can see, he did a disc-job into the armrest
Where the thing stopped, it'll get the same shape as the upperside.

You also can see he bended some white alu plate.
He took this specially so be stick-vilt, where the piece is getting into, sticks good.

The upper plate of the remote controle will become 1 with the alu.

Better look on everything

This is how it will appear

There will be a lot of work to it, but we think it all pay of...
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