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Not more then 1 week in the new year, and he thought, LETS BRING IT OOOOOOOOOOOOOON.
the bottomsides of the doorpanels will have to be done in CARBON FIBRE.

So a dificcult object to get in the Carbon fibre. But we must admit, it's done nicely..
Many time was put into preparation the prevent the CF - overlay to got wrong at any place.

this annoying little side was 1 of the many things that could go wrong.

Also, he was satisfied to get the little lamp in there. makes the piece a bit more interesting then one big lumb piece.

This is the ditch he disced into the panel. For those who don't get the picture. When it's all done, the upperside of the panel will be overlayed in leather. Then he needs a little space the get rid of the too much leather.
To get a nicer finishing off

You see on this pic that everything at the bottom is in CF..

Now the big work is to get it all nice and flat. Put some more layers of epoxy on there till it's all nice and smooth.
so, lots of work and patience...
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