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hello, i did mine today. the entire job took about 1 hour total with 20 min of prep work getting the tools and parts ready. i drove my car around for a month with the light on. is you car acting sluggish when you take off ? Do you have a 32 mm wrench ? i bought one for the VANOS but an adjustable would have worked just as well. i would advise that ypou take out the oil filter but let the oil drain down in as you pull it up, If you just pull the filter out it has about a cup of oil in it. I guess you can throw it ouit and refill.

The hardest part is routing the sensor wire back down to the connection point, i tried tying a string to the old sensor and then pulling the new one in, i should have used a stiff wire. anyway, i got all done and drove the car but my SES light did not go off. It is not clear whether it should go off on it's own or i need to go to autozone and have it reset.

does anyone have experience here ? Does it go away by itself or do i need a reset. I did forget to plug in the VANOS plug and i started the car once but did not drive it until i remembered to plug it back in, i assume that i will have a code for this in memory ?

Thanks, CH
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