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Originally Posted by BimmerScreamer View Post
how is it that these are so cheap and supersprint's are so so much more. their has to be a reason. I wouldnt trust these for a second. We didnt cheap out when we bought our cars so i know Im not going to cheap out on the parts. just my .02
here is my analogy:
buy a pair of nike shoes for $100. they are made of leather and rubber

buy a pair of walmart shoes for $25. thet are also made of leather and rubber.

the nikes might look bettter, and be lighter, or more fashionable, or trendy. The walmart shoes will get you from point a to point b, and probably not last as long, but they will keep you from going barefoot.
So in summary, they both perform the same general function, however those who pay more for their "nike" headers feel like they have a better product because they paid more for it. Only time will tell if there is a significant difference in build quality. But for $100, I could buy 8 sets of headers just to be safe. Installation would be the same, since I would do it myself.

So make your own mind up, but in the end, they are metal pipes. if the performance is the same, and the cost is 10x higher, it is hard to justify the expense in my mind, unless you need to be an elitest.....
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