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Originally Posted by TAILWAG View Post

I try to get to the doors before they do and that takes care of the situation for the most part. However...there is that ocassional time where they beat me to it and I get at the least fingerprints to smudges on the window.
I got the solution
Just wen i stop and turn of the car. I drop the 'Sit tight, lemme get the door for you' AKA. 'DONT F*&KING MOVE, SO I CAN OPEN THE DOOR AND CLOSE IT FOR YOU'

Theres always the Miss Independent whos rejects my gentleman ship thinking im doing it out of kindness or something as is like No ill do it my self -_-

It gets worse sometimes, the girls who wack the door open into another car!! Or sit in some wierd position that some how their feet is on my leather seats. Arr.
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