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This is the source of my clunk...Getting it fixed in a couple of days...Good Luck to all the rest!

SI 24 09 98
Automatic Transmission
December 2001
Service Engineering
This Service Information bulletins supersedes S.I. 24 09 98 dated December 1998.

designates changes to this revision

E46 GM5 Transmission "Clunk" Noise

E46 - 323iA, 328iA produced from 05/98 up to 03/00 with A5S360R (GM5) Transmission

A "Clunk Noise" is heard/felt during situations of load reversal. The situation can occur during downshifts, release of accelerator pedal at 20-30mph with 2000-2500 rpm or in reverse at 3000 rpm and accelerator pedal released.

This concern involves E46 vehicles with M52TU engines, fitted with transmission A5S360R until transmission serial number 162728.

Excessive axial clearance between transmission output shaft and transmission output flange.

A production change has been implemented as of transmission serial number 162728

In the event of a customer complaint on vehicles with a transmission serial number less than 162728 the location of the noise should be determined during a test drive as follows:
With the engine warm, drive the car at a speed between 20 and 25 MPH. While traveling in this speed range, quickly release the accelerator pedal (causing engine braking to occur).
If a muffled knocking noise is heard coming from the rear-axle area after going into decel mode, or shortly thereafter, then the cause is with the transmission output flange. Replace transmission output flange with the new version P/N 24 21 7 515 388 with spring washer as per repair instructions 24 21 ... (available as of TIS CD 9/98).
If the noise does not appear to be coming from the rear axle area further diagnosis is required in order to isolate the source of the "clunk". Recommendation would be to utilize a chassis ear to locate the source of the clunk noise.
The repair kit "Output flange with spring washer" (PN 24 21 7 515 388) can be ordered through the regular parts channels.

Installation of the kit on the transmission:
1. Remove the exhaust pipe from the vehicle as per procedure 18 00 020 "Removing and Installing complete exhaust system M52 TU".
2. Remove the propeller shaft from the transmission as per procedure 26 11 000 "Removing and Installing complete propeller shaft"

3. Hold output flange (1) with special tool 23 0 020.
Remove hexagon nut.
Remove output flange (1).
On the transmissions from serial number 7912, remove the retainer (snap ring) from the output shaft
Discard the nut, the seal O-ring of the flange, and the retainer.

Prepare the retrofit kit :
(1) Snap ring
(2) O-ring
(3) Output flange
(4) Spring washer
(5) Flange nut

5. Install new drive flange O-ring (1) (from the kit) into the new drive flange (2) using Transmission fluid or petroleum jelly

6. Install the "Retainer" (1) included in the kit using snap ring wrench, as deep as possible on the output shaft (2).
Note: Be careful to not damage lip seal when installing the "Retainer".
7. Install new drive flange with O-ring onto the transmission output shaft and push the retainer fully into place

8. Install the spring washer (1) from the kit as shown on the drive flange (2) (big diameter face to flange 2, small diameter face to nut).

9. Apply coat of "LOCTITE 242" to the thread of the output shaft.
"LOCTITE 242" is the only thread locker/sealant approved for this repair, and it is available from your local Loctite distributor.
10. Tighten the new nut (1) (included in the kit) on the output shaft using a Hexagonal M30 Socket
Part Number - 24 21 7 515 388
Description - Repair set output flange
Quantity 1
Covered under the terms of the BMW New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

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