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Originally Posted by Joker85 View Post
How you guys make soooo sick Garage shoots!?
How i had to adjust my EOS 400d?
Do you work with a Tri-pod?
For Example a Picture like i mean!

I like the lightin and how sharp it is!!!
I Tried some pictures somedays before and it doesnt work so good
Maybe somebody will Introduce me a little bit

For a picture like that, first you're going to use a long shutter speed (maybe around 1 second) and a tripod. You should also adjust your white balance settings, unless the lights are actually that white. The placement of the cars in the light is important because depending where the cars are placed, you could get some harsh lights or shadows.

Also, the sharpness has to do with the camera used and also the lens. A DSLR camera and a good lens will give you a nice sharp image. Some basic point & shoot cameras take a pretty good picture but will never be as sharp as a DSLR.
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