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Originally Posted by bluejeansonfire View Post
that car can achieve much better times, you just need to do something to keep from burning your tires/bogging. 2.2 60' is not the best an auto 3.91 330i can pull, you should be able to shave over 1/4 sec from your time by launching the car without tirespin. are cup kit shocks adjustable?... set the fronts soft, the rear stiff, this will help slightly, take some air out of your rear tires. Actually do a burnout before launching, this is a technique that I've had good results with. I know gyear f1s aint cheap, but you need to get some heat in them tires before you launch.

what he said,,,

i had my tire PSI at around 22 in the rears and the fronts were almost at max, i never touched them, it's all about the lounch, im sure your rims lowed you down a bit

how are your shifts with the 3.91 diff?? seems kinda high!!

edit: i see ur 1/8 times is really nice, it must be the gears, when i ran my 13.9 @99mph run i have a 9sec 1/8 time... and my car is 3075lb +177lb(me).....

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