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Originally Posted by ice330ci05 View Post
i know... thats crazy, i always feel bad for the car(clutch) when i lounch, so i don't push it that much, i dunno what it is, i just feel all bad inside and stuff when i'm about to do it lol..... but one time i did it a bit i got my 13.9 run so i was happy and left lol....

by the way, how do u guys clean out all that rubber off your rear bumper, i had soooo much the last time i went and i still have it on the car lol, well it's stored for the winter so when i take it out in few months i'll finish cleaning it, it shouldn't **** up the pait or anything right?
I destroyed someone's wash mitt trying to clean that off run, those were sumitomo's 255/40r17, ~-2.5 rear camber, 457lbs linear springs, pss9 shocks...the 1.89 was on a 13.7@100.01

I'm a little proud, to say the least

01 330cit-92 s13c-99 328i/5-04 x5/6
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