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Having done that we just pull the whole assembly out.

It is now time to remove the upper part of the assembly in order to replace it with the new one with the "magic buttons" We just take off the 4 screws, put in place the new part and put again the 4 screws inplace.

We now have to take off the steering wheel itself. We unscrew the main 16mm screw, unplug the plug on the top side of the wheel and pull the steering wheel out.

The next thing we have to do is to remove the plastic cover above the pedals (I didn't actually remove it, I just moved it a little bit to get out of the way). To do so we need to take off 3 screws

Now we need to remove the lower plastic cover of the steering wheel cover. We firstly remove one screw on the top side of the top cover, and then we use a pin nose screwdriver to press inside the centre part of the 2 clips that hold the bottom cover. The 2 covers are now ready to be taken apart from each other. We do that by pulling them genlty apart.

Now its time to remove the head light switch. We carefully pry out the trim above the controls. We then unscrew the 2 little screws inside the small glove compartment beneath the switch (it will make it easier to take the switch off).

We then unscrew the screws that hold the switch to its place and pull it out.

We now unplug the plug and take off the switch.

Having done all the above it is now time to install the cable harness we have purchased.

We do that in the way the pdf file from BMW describes.
We have to unplug the green plug from the bottom side of the steering wheel column and place the 3 pins (the corresponding no's are described in the pdf file) to the empty pinholes of the plug. To do so we must first "open up" the plug.

We now take on our hands the light switch plug, and find the 2 cables that are described in the pdf. (they have the same colour as the cables in our harness). We cut them and attach the connectors to the cables (again this is described in the pdf).

We now go to the engine compartment and locate the black box that contains the DDE control module (on the drivers side top corner). The cover can be removed by taking off the 4 alen screws.

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