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Edge protector replacement DIY

OK, so my stepfather and I replaced my worn edge protectors on both front doors last autumn, but I've just been too lazy to post up the DIY unitl now. Apologies for how the car looks, I got the messy jobs out of the way before re-conollising the leather interior!

Stay with it, lots of pics in two parts!

1. Remove the kick plate

2. Using trim tools makes this easier (bought of eBay really cheaply)

3. There are three pop-in plastic rivets to pry off.

4. With the kick plate removed...

5. Roughly line up the new edge protector with the piece in situ that is to be replaced as an initial guide to placement.

6. Now simply peel away the old edge protector - there is a male and female end located under the now-removed kick plate - seperate these and pull off door.

7. The new edge protector part number for a sedan (it's the same for both front doors)

8. Take the new edge protector out of the box and find the small rubber thread - this is important - remove it or else the protector wont sit properly on the door (and yes, we found this out the long way!)

9. This thread runs the entire length of the edge protector...

10. And is of no use other than to maintain the edge protector's shape (it has a metal core than can bend as you'll see later)...

11. This is what the finished fitment of the edge protector looks like if you don't remove the inner thread! (Check out the dirty mark about half an inch above the felt!)

12. This is the part of the new edge prtector that connects to the edge of the door frame...

13. ...And this is what the now-exposed door frame looks like you are fixing it to...

14. Using a rubber mallet start applying the edge protector to the door. Start at the base of the door where the kick plate was and keep the felt finish upwards and inwards

15. It's important to keep a good level of tension on the new part whilst you are applying it to the door edge so you've got enough to reach the other end!

16. Applying the new protector to the corners of the door frames are the trickiest bits - ensure tension is maintained and push the protector right into the corner to ensure maximum tightness in these areas.

17. Once the first top corner has been applied, maintain the taughtness and run along the top of the edge...

18. The watchword as you go around is keep it tight (without popping previously done corners out again!)

(continued below...)

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