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19. Coming around the last corner - you'll soon find out if you're tight enough all round!

20. This is what you should have left at the end - just enough length for the male end to marry to the female.

21. Once the protector has been joined up, go around again and check the felt trim edging of the new piece is flush to the rest of the door trim -it should be over and not under the other trim and as dirt has normally been trapped under the old edge protector, it's easy to see if the felt is in the right place (see the dirty line just above the finger in this pic).

22. The trim tools come in handy for this last job.

Now simply re-fix the door kick plate (it just snaps back in) and you're done!

23. This was what the rubber looked like on my old edge protectors...

24. ...And what the inside of the old edge protector had deteriorated into because of water ingress via the rotten rubber. It's this metal that allows the edge protector to grip the door edge.

At the start of this piece, I said that my stepfather and I did this - well in actual fact I just stood there and took loads of pictures like a bossy photographer, so just a big thanks to my stepdad David who is the real reason this DIY is up here!

Total time for job - about 15 minutes per door once we (David!) sussed it out.

Hope this is useful - it a fairly easy DIY

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