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Originally Posted by rome5982 View Post
I have the same problem. I have been tracking a leak for a while now. Today I had the alternator out and got a good look at where the source is coming from.....between the oil filter housing and the engine block. I did search and it looks like this is not too uncommon for our cars. There is a gasket between the housing assembly and the engine block.
I think mine is oozing there too. I'm replacing the gasket between the housing and the block when I do my CCV next weekend. I'm going to change that oil hose that's in that area too! I'm changing the CCV and ALL of the rubber hoses that are under the intake manifold because I am taking the manifold off to get to the CCV. I have a slow leak in there somewhere but I WILL get it taken care of when I change all of this stuff.

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