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Originally Posted by sillieidiot View Post
yes it's possible. but i don't know where you'd be able to buy them separately, unless a r/c/r owner doesn't want his.
Well, if money weren't an issue, one could buy both, and only use the trunk lights from the R/C/R kit and the EE's from the EE kit and call it a day. Then you'd have a set of bulb trunk lights and a set of R/C/R LED's :-D

I don't have a problem with R/C/R LED's, I just think that they look better on facelift cars (which they aren't available for as far as I know). If money were no issue, I'd get a 99-01 prefacelift, get the R/C/R LED tails, then buy the facelifted fenders/lights/hood/bumper. That's even more $$$ though. I know of one member who did it.
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