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Originally posted by FredS
This thread is too funny.

More than half the people replying at 16-18 years old and own e46's. Even that chump with the blue M3 that's 16 or 17 years old or whatever.

Repect to the guiys that buy their own, **** the rest.

BTW, 18 and 01 330 Ci. Paid myself thru my business.

What makes him a chump if you dont mind me asking?

If your parents offered to buy you a brand new M3 at the age of 16 or 17, would you say, "No thanks mom and dad but ill wait 5-7 years and buy my own" No, you probably wouldnt say that.... Sh*t, if your parents are wealthy enough to buy you a BMW at 16 or 17 then more power to you. No need to hate because you had to work hard for yours though.

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