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Originally Posted by adaseb View Post
My 2002 320I has about 60K miles on the clock and is there anyway to test if you got a failing VANOS with a step transmission?

Everything seems fine. However about 2-3 times for this cars life whenever I approached a stop it had a jolt of power loss and almost stalled. That happened rarely though and at first though I though it was the transmission.
An owner recently noted that after performing the vanos seals repair this symptom went away. He also said it did not happen often. I was not aware of this symptom.

All M52TU/M54/M56 engine cars have this double vanos and have failing vanos seals. The seals are significantly failing in 20k miles. Your's are significantly damaged. Every owner that has replaced their vanos seals has reported significantly damaged seals. The O-rings are made of Buna and this material is completely not compatible with the engine environment.
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