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My Ride: German Civic
16 - 89' 735iL (with just 23k miles in 1998...owned since new...but a maintenance nightmare and sold when my mom traded for a new a Lexus. We had kept it to be my first car for years, but it just wouldn't keep going)
16 - 97' V6 Camaro (lemon)
16 - 99' V6 Mustang
17 - 00' 323i

My parents bought the first two, the last one I paid for half of (but no, not all of it). Graduation present, really. 75% tuition on scholarship, and they were pleased about that.

Yes, my parents could've bought me a brand new ///M3, a year later. Or 330 (328 at the time). I almost did get the 328, but decided to opt for the cheaper 323 (and felt, from test driving, that the 5 speed kept it fast enough to be tolerable...the auto 323 was just too slow, and I wanted the 5 speed anyway).


First reason, insurance. I would get murdered on an ///M, and I'm already paying $2600/year for my "slow" 323. The 328 wasn't too much more, but I figured the best way to really enjoy and appreciate the car would be to get the cheapest one, and work my way up the model line in the future. How can an 18 year old truly appreciate a car as awesome as the ///M3, even if they paid for most or all of it? That's the way I feel, anyway.

Second reason, I have a nasty leadfoot and very little patience when it comes to traffic. I got the BMW under the condition that I would pay to maintain it, and pay for any repairs it needed, from damage I might cause. I'm just not tempered enough to responsibly handle an M3 on the streets yet. I'd be too tempted to use the 333 horses at every opportunity, generating LOTS of tickets and quite possibly an accident. I already speed bad enough in the 323 as it is.

Third, I don't feel deprived in the 323 as it is. Should I? Quite a few of my friends drive ****ty early 90's model cars, ranging from a 1990 Bronco II, to a 94 Taurus GL, to a 92 Explorer, to the gamut of older civics. One even drives a minivan! Only two at the moment have what I would consider decent cars, one has a 97 318ti and the other has a 92 ES300 in near perfect condition. Strangest thing is, several of these kids' parents could afford to buy them nicer cars, easily, but exercise enormous restraint. It's a really bizarre phenomenon.

Fourth, few people can actually recognize what type of car mine is other than that it's a BMW. They see BMW and automatically assume it's an extremely fast $45,000 car, and then I get **** about it. Case in point: while at a gas station with my friend in his 97' 318ti, a guy drives up in a late model acura TL with several modifications, obviously worth more than my friend's 10k bimmer. He sees us, walks up, and with a totally solemn look on his face, says, "Damn, I wish I could afford a car like yours. I bet it's fast as hell. What do you think of my ride?" It gets worse...ranging from people don't even know what a BMW is, to those who think they know everything but are actually rather ignorant (like one kid who insisted that my car had a 2.3L engine, and that I was totally wrong when I corrected him, saying it was 2.5L). Then there are those who think my car has a 3.23L engine, or 323cc engine. It just goes on and on. My point being, there is NO shame in driving a 323/325, or even a 318! (unless you try to race any serious sports cars. lol)

Anyway, my already too-long post must end now.
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