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I was 17 when I got my 330i------parents bought it for me because of my performance in highschool.

I am 20 now

I'll tell you what tho, having a beemer is unbeleivable in highschool, and even in college.......BUT.......with this comes sooo much attention and sooo many haters. In highschool I had alot of ladies loving my car, then some jelous prick keyed the hell outta it. In college same sorta thing, I recently got my f-ing lock drilled out.....

U know what I resorted too?
yeah thats right, I drive a wrangler, which I bought myself by the way, because I can't afford for my BMW to get keyed, hit, drilled, etc..

how I bought my wrangler, well, my buddy hooked me up with a sweet job as a loan officer at a Morgage Company.....this results in a good amount of money.
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