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I did suspension and no new rims on my SL500, and it worked out fine. Bilstein Grand Touring shocks and the H&R Sport kit, didnt have any problem.

Wouldnt want anything rougher than the Sport Kit. that car kicked my ass when it got bumpy.

I did a 1.4 inch drop, are you looking at more than that?

Originally Posted by southpaw View Post
thanks for all the support guys! i really wanna run that setup..

and no joey, i dont have a drop yet either! trying to convince my dad to let me to drop it on stock rims, but he insists, "RIMS FIRST, THEN SUSPENSION!"

which i think is total BS...

oh and i just got back from Fusion..haha totally e46s..but WHATS NEW!? haha a couple e30s and e36s, an e53 x5. and a bunch of VWs....
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