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My Ride: 2002 Silver 330Ci
17 Now...
16-19 - 330Ci (handed to me by my parents for good grades)
19-2-....- Who knows...probably another hand-off from my parents
2- & on...After Grad school...and a little step-off from my parents...I will have my own cars.
Planned cars for my garage:
1999 Red on Black Ferrari 355 GTS
2001 MB CL600 (My dad currently has this...)
Equivialent of a new M3
I will have these cars...don't worry, but until then, the keys will have to be handed to me by my parents.
Also...why are all of you so against having cars given to kids from their parents. If your my age and worked for your car, damn, I have a lot of respect for you. But if you didn't pay for it...why are you bagged on so much? I get good grades and I'm a good kid, does that mean much? I just don't understand the concept of bagging on kids (yes, I'm still a kid...I'm only 17) that get cars from their parents. What do you expect me/us to do...say no mom, no dad, don't get me the brand new 330Ci...I want an 82 Corolla with a faded hood and the T, O, T, and A gone from TOYOTA (YO)...
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