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Originally posted by whk
I think I'm going to change my login to Grandpa. I didn't even own a car till I was 30. And that was way back in 1985, and the car was a '69 Cutlass. It had a great engine, and the body would have been pretty good if it hadn't been kept outside in Philadelphia for 16 years. For the record, my parents didn't buy it for me, but then it only cost $100.

By 1990 I was ready to move up to a new Honda Civic. You can not begin to appreciate what it was like to step up to that car. You could roll up the windows and no water would come in when it rained. I still have my Honda, and I'll give to my son when he turns 16.

I'm 48 and can afford to buy what I want, but my new 325i is so nice, it is hard to imagine wanting more. My son is trying to get me to buy chrome rims and put green neon lights underneath, but I'll let him save up his money and inflict this on my poor old Civic.

So what's the pattern? '60 Cutlass, '90 Civic, '03 BMW, I'm just hoping my next ride won't be in a hearse.
stop da madness....you still have many cars to buy
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