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My Ride: 2003 325ci SP
at 27 - old Jetta GLI (yes, the first car that was "mine")
at 30 - new Jetta VR6 (stolen on the 3rd attempt )
at 33 - new 323i
now 36 - new 325ci

My father always said "BMWs are for men who earn a living", especially when my brother and I wanted to borrow his ride :sad:
He probably could have bought me a car when I was 16 (hey, I had good grades too! ), but instead just let me ride in an old station wagon (and sometimes his 3series) ... man, sometimes I still can't believe that I'm riding in my *own* BMW now ... and if you guys think your rides are expensive down in the US, try $49K+15% tax for a 325ci here in Canada, after paying 46% income taxes... if you think that a similar job here as in the US will get you a similar salary, but in CAN$...

Oh well, I still love Montreal above every other place I've been
so I'm staying right here
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