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Let's see. Had to get married, get a house, buy property, get a divorce, sell property, sell house, get a condo, get married, get the M3, get another house, next -> get a X5 to compliment M3. What next? Well, I was 35 when I got the M and paying for it myself (with wife). No help from anyone. Worked hard to afford the things I now have in life. To the young people who were given the chance to own a BMW from their parents - more power to you guys. I don't begrudge others of what they got. The only thing that I get pissed at are those who have been given things in life and then turn around and act like they are better than everyone else. To all of those (not saying anyone here is like that), learn what it means to earn things for yourself. I don't treat people who make less than me any different than people who make the same or more than me.

Just my opinon, for what its worth.

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