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My Ride: 1993 BMW 320i
16 - 1987 535i (Hand me down)
22 - 1993 320i (Hand me down)
26 - 2001 330xi (IT Job)

Dream: Continue to afford BMW. Had some troubles so who knows right now. Starting family soon too.

18 when i got the bimmer, now 20yrs old. The strangest thing about me is that i'm black and when cops see me there like . "Better pull him over to see if its stolen" Pulled over 6 times within the last year for no apparent reason.
I also get pulled over ocasionally, since I got the windows tinted though no more hassles. Ironically, the tint is illegal 20%.

Real Programmers Don't Document - If it was hard to write, it should be hard to understand.
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