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Graduated from UCLA in 2000. Sold my 96 Accord and got a 01 325ci at 21. Sold the 325 after 6months and got my 330cic at 22. I get mad crazy stares in my convertible. I dont want to play the race card, but when cops see a young mexican guy driving a nice car here in Bakersfield they sweat 'em hard core. I got pulled over 5 times just to be asked to see registration. Its cool though, the last time i was rolln with the top down wearing black sunglasses and a wife beater. I must've tripped out the cop when I responded very calmly and intelligently to all his questions. I think he was wantn me to bugg out or somethin. Its all good though... oh yeah, im shootn for the e46 m3 before i turn 25 oh yea. bought em both omo

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