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Originally posted by BMWMANIAC
Well what does it matter if you bought it yourself or not

I am 24 and i bought it myself. But some of you who brag about bying it yourself live rent free (parents left you a house, or still living with your MAMA) cost $$$ So, it really doesnt matter.......One person could be making $25,000 and still drive an M3 cause he is not paying RENT.

And I forgot to mention my PARKING is $430 a month. I am paying $140 a month for a garage half a block from my apartment, and $290 for a garage in Manhattan.
BEAT THAT....( i know some of you are going to say TAKE A TRAIN AND GET AN M3, but I hate NYC subways.......)
This post is just now turning into a whining post. Some people are fortunate to have parents that buy them anything they want. Good for them, which sucks for those who are not as fortunate but you, have to work with the hand you have been dealt. This of course now leads us into those who do not appreciate it as much as those who bought it themselves and what not. If your parents bought a BMW for you, then you are a lucky SOB. If you bought it yourself and pay for EVERYTHING yourself, than my hat is off to you.
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