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Originally Posted by thefoxkazan View Post
To Snikwad: It is not better to "use professionals", because local shops would never do it better than you. Why? I have friends in multiple shops in my area, they fix european imports and all kinds of expensive automobiles. I went around to ask their opinions on bushing removal, and I was shocked to hear their answers!!! None of them have the tool, and they all have similar ways to get them out - use a torch to burn rubber down, use sheet-metal-cutting airtool to destroy outer casing and knock the thing out with bruteforce. After that just pound the new one in as good as you can (yes, damaging it with excessive force).

To Snikwad about bushing installation: This is the part where you have to be careful and precise. If it starts going in on an angle, you will bend it and ruin it, and worst of all it could get stuck there really bad. The trick is to take a little hammer and go around the casing, just slightly tapping on it in even circles. Slowly, but surely it will start to slide in (might take you hours though).

And yes, I hear you all about the time spent doing this job. As I said before, I didn't have a car for two weeks. It was inconvenient and stressful as I couldn't find a way to get the bushing out (the whole rear end being apart and car sitting on jack stands).

About replacing all bushings: Yes, I think it is a very good idea to replace as much as you can, since you already doing a hell of a job removing the differential, etc. Two front bushings are only about $20 each.
man, im done fukin with bushings bro.. waaaay too much stress, for me and my help.
as i said, i ended up greasing the fuker and driving it in, we tried taping the casing with a hammer to get it straight, wasnt happening, it was almost as if the bushing was the wrong size.
we greased it, and drove it it, it was a little crooked initially, but we said to hell with it, we still drove it through, it straightened up and went home.
man i dont smoke, but i had to burn one with my mans after we got that bad boy in. Your thread helped a lot tho, and i think we would have been there 2 weeks if it wasnt for you.
you Pioneer you, hahah
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