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Drb, have you ever replaced your diff bushing?
With the subframe, don't you have to take out the interior too (seats and trunk), and remove all that sound dampening material before you can weld. Then you have to replace it?
Isn't that just too much trouble for something that simply isn't gauranteed to fail. Regardless of what you may think, the large majority of pre 01 cars DO NOT have failing subframes. Most people won't even be keeping their cars that long, so why go through the trouble?
In my case, my ENTIRE trunk is dynamatted. I'm not reinforcing sh1t if I don't have to. And if it ever fails, ill part it out and go get another BMW. That's if the insurance company doesn't total it after I bring em a quote.

Whatson, take your car to an indy shop. Dealer don't know what the fuk they're talking about most times. If you indeed need those parts, clicky my siggy, and save hundreds. It seems that they did something wong if suddenly after they swap the diff, all the axles attached to it go bad.
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