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snikwad, i don't want to be rude, but you seem to be arguing everything. first, you only need to take out the trunk interior which should only take 10 minutes (that is if your really slow), and cut the top part of where the subframe mounts too. like a 3 by 3" cut. that way you can weld the weak lower frame to the top weak upper frame. if you can place a metal cover while cutting, you don't even need to take out the trunk interior. Any yes, i just replaced my differential bushing thank you. as for the dampering material, you don't have to rip everything out, just cut a little bit out from where your working at. and FYI, a majority of pre01's will have this problem sooner or later, weather you believe it or not. you might be able to prevent it if your make sure you , 1) change bushing when needed 2) make sure tranny and diff is running smooth to prevent hard knocking on bushing/subframe ( that means fluid changes too) 3) drive an automatic which would make a difference since people with manual tend to shift hard from first to second 4) drive like a grand parent. If you don't want to reinforce your subframe, by all means go ahead. I'm not going to push you, i just wouldn't want to buy YOUR car since it seems you don't care that much abouts condition. Personally, if i wasn't happy with my car now, i would probablly buy another bmw too. most likely another e46. and if you can pull off an insurance claim, great, i thought about that too, i was thinking of telling them i hit a big pot hole. lol
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