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Seafoam experience, # 2

hey guys over the weekend i tryed out the seafoam, i gotta say i was sorta scared and iffy, i pulled the trigger and did it, i followed this DIY ,

i followed every thing the DIY said but i did some stuff different, Rusults: smooter running engine, smooter idling, some more power on the high end RPM's, i cant say that it feels like a brand new engine like others have, i guess my engine wasnt really dirty considering that i only had smoke coming out for like 2 minutes,( my father was pissed as hell) lol, everyone passing by was looking with theyre eyes pooped wide open. The engine just feels much smoother and i would recomend everyone doing this, dont be afraid just take your time follow the DIY and do it, its common sence, Okay there are some things that i did that i though is better from the DIY above. So for 30 min i tryed removing the booster line, waster of time, remove the whole thing meaning the plactic part on the end of the line, DO NOT reomve the clamp, you dont need to, remove the whole thing, after that i poured in the liquid into it, there is so much sucktion that you will not miss it, it sucks it in really well, So dont remove the clamp, remove the whole thing, second, what i did was i removed the intake tube instead of removing the small little tube on the tube of the intake, i removed that and covered my MAF sensor with cloths so that i dont get over spray on it, some people have stated that after doing the seafoam theyre MAF whent bad, thats why. so just spray it in the intake tube and your fine, (with the deep creep) with the other half of the liquid i poured it into the gas tank, after spraying my intake i had a light come up in the cluster, is was a yellow gear sign with a exclamation mark in the middle, i got freaked out, i turned the car off and turned it back on it went away, , took it for a test drive, felt much smoother even on reverse, so there you have it, everyone needs to do this, i changed my oil the next day after 50 miles.
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