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Originally Posted by toddkageals View Post
What all did you have to remove to get to that gasket??? I have the gasket but did not pull the "aggregate housing" because it did not appear to be leaking. However, if it's not too bad, maybe I'll go ahead and do it. I replaced the oil hose to the VANOS and the CCV and all associated hoses/gaskets. I skipped the aggregate due to time constraints but what the heck????
That was the only thing I had left to check. It's difficult to diagnose because it is hidden and was the only conclusion I came to of where this oil was seeping from. It is pretty straight forward.

****I Disconnected the BATTERY, you have to make certain no power is at the alternator**** Also, I opened the top of the oil filter to allow the oil to drain back down to the pan. Note, you will still have a bit left and spill out when you seperate the aggragate.
1. I have an automatic so I took the cooling fan off the pump and removed the fan and shroud.
2. Took the belt off and removed the idler pully (this actually takes one of the bolts off the alternator).
**Forgot - remove the ATF Fluid container and just slide off to the side****
3. Disconnect the positive line at the alternator and clip (sensor).
4. Remove lower bolt of alternator and wiggle out the alternator. Make sure air dam is seperated below too.
5. Disconnect VANOS oil pipe. I just left the top one on and removed the one attached to the aggragate. (make sure you get 2 new crush washers for reinstall).
6. Remove power steering pump bracket (2 bolts in front and 1 in the upper back corner.
7. Remove all bolts on the aggrate, I think 6 in all. Be sure to note what bolt was removed from what position (they vary in length and will need to be put back in the correct position).
8. Should come off fairly easy.
9. Clean the block and make sure no oil is on it. Be careful when removing the old gasket as to not marking up where the seal is. I used a very small nail to get a hold of the gasket. It was pretty stiff so take your time and don't chip the mold. *make a note how the gasket is inserted so you put the new one in the same way.
10. Clean off oil and then install the gasket. Make sure you got it in there good. No need to use any RV, but I just dabbed it on the new gasket using the O2 safe blue rv.
11. Also, make note of the two guides (1 upper right and 1 lower left corners) and be sure to line them up for proper fitment.

Once you got it on there correctly start back in reverse order. Took me two hours. (first time) I think that was about all that was involved. (hate going off of memory)

My seeping is completly gone after this.

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