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Originally Posted by villanovakid View Post
can UUC comment on how your Alcon kit compare with this...


What you're looking at in that thread is a kit built by Stasis Engineering for the E46 M3. That kit fits only the E46 M3, Stasis is not available for non-M models.

However, the UUC kit for the E46 M3 is about to be released mid March '08.

So let's do two comparisons for you, Stasis and the UUC M3 kit and UUC 330/325/323 kit:

Stasis for E46 M3:
front: 6-piston/365mm floating rotor - $3695
rear: 4-piston/343mm floating rotor - $2595
TOTAL: $6290
color options: silver only

UUC/Alcon for E46 M3 (pricing published in Roundel, Bimmer magazines):
Front 6-piston/345mm* floating rotor: $2895
Front 4-piston/345mm floating rotor: $2695
Rear 4-piston/328mm floating rotor: $2395
Combo price 6-piston Front and 4-piston Rear: $5100
color options: matte gray or red
* soon to be available: 380mm option (requires 19" or larger wheels)

UUC/Alcon for E46 330/328/325/323:
Front 4-piston/325mm floating rotor: $2395
Front 4-piston/325mm solid rotor: $1999
Rear 4-piston/328mm solid rotor: $2395
Rear 4-piston/328mm solid rotor: $1999
Combo price 4-piston Front and 4-piston Rear:
w/floating rotors: $4690 w/solid rotors: $3898
color options: matte gray or red

So what are the differences and what do they mean?

Rotor sizes:

First, you will notice that the initial UUC offerings are all 4-piston calipers and only modestly oversized rotors. This was done for very specific reasons, we're designing for racecar applications. In many racing classes, the rules limit upgraded brake calipers to no more than 4 pistons and no more than 5% over original diameter.

However, for those wishing larger, upgrading to the 345mm rotors for 4-piston kits is possible, as well as upgrading to the 380mm rotos for the 6-piston kits. A simple upgrade kit from UUC is available.

Bracket construction:

UUC is the only company offering a true mil-spec heat treated stainless steel bracket design. Multiple benefits:
a) Steel brackets are "lifetime" whereas aluminum, due to accumulated fatigue, is supposed to be replaced at periodic intervals. Our heat treating process makes the steel much stronger than common aluminum brackets.
b) Stainless steel requires no plating, painting, or anodizing and therefore is a much more precise part. Common coating techniques for aluminum add variable thickness, which can affect caliper alignment.
c) Strength - steel is more resistant to deformation, resulting in better caliper alignment under stress and nonexistant flex, which means better pedal feel and pad wear characteristics.
Rotor costs:

UUC's basic floating rotor option uses genuine BMW Motorsport floating rotors made in Germany, which are available at a replacement cost for a complete rotor (which means it includes the hat) that is less than typical 2-piece rotors for the disk only.

For example, the BMW Motorsport floating rotors are approximately $215 each in the 325mm size. Complete rotors from other BBK companies run $495-$895 each. Disks alone will usually run $230-$350, and then you've got to re-assemble it with the hat.

All of that is just a brief overview. For more details (it's important to do thorough research for yourself!), please see:

Finally, realize that UUC now has an "official" development relationship with Alcon. For many of our applications, the calipers are custom-built to UUC's specifications for piston size and other details.

Please let me know if you need further clarification.
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