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Originally Posted by dmwhite View Post
i think one very important piece of imformation that you left out is the difference in calipers used in the 2 kits...the Stasis kits use monobloc calipers which probably makes up a large portion of the price difference between the kits...
Please review the application list I posted above, you will see that when specifically comparing apples to apples - meaning the Stasis 6-piston and UUC 6-piston for E46 M3, these are the exact same calipers. The only difference is we offer gray and red, and Alcon has made these in red for the very first time exclusively for UUC.

koni challenge ST and GS are they only 2 classes i can think of that have that rule...
I think you might be forgetting the most important BMW racing venue...

BMW CCA Club Racing:

2008 rules:

Prepared Classes
4. Brakes
Calipers are free with the following limitations: 4 piston maximum, 2-piece design, 1 caliper per wheel.

Which means you can't use the 6-piston Monobloc, but the 4-piston 2-piece is legal.

- Rob
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