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Originally Posted by dmwhite View Post
ah, so you are using monobloc calipers on your E46 M3 kits?

i reviewed the application list and there is no mention in your post or on your site that you are using monobloc calipers...and the only pictures that i've seen you post on forums or your site are of 2 piece calipers...
Yes! The E46 M3 application will have the choice of 4-piston or 6-piston Monobloc.

They're not listed on the website yet because they are not available at this time... about another week. Magazine advertising has caught up with us, the 6-piston kits are listed in Roundel and Bimmer.

But I was referring to the list I posted in this thread comparing the systems:

Originally Posted by dmwhite View Post
nice try but i'm well aware of the bmwcca cr prepared rules...that's why i'm running 2 piece 4 piston calipers at all 4 corners instead of monoblocs...

your statement was:

In many racing classes, the rules limit upgraded brake calipers to no more than 4 pistons and no more than 5% over original diameter.

the only 2 classes that i know of that have that rule are GS and ST in koni challenge...bmwcca cr prepared class does not have this rule (rotor sizing is not specifically limited or maybe you can show me where the 5% over stock wording is?)...
Okay... you quoted a sentence showing two parameters, and both are accurate. Some classes, as you listed, have both and some have one. Your request for confirmation was obfuscated by insufficient clarity.

- Rob

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