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Originally Posted by Pancho328i View Post
Do you think the the 32mm wrench I purchased for replacing the fan clutch will fit the vanos solenoid?

It did fit. It's great that the same size wrenches are used in many places around the car, a bit of good design on BMW's part. I also cleaned the ABS sensors, which used the same 5mm allen bolt as the CPS.

This was one of the easiest DIYs I've done. I didn't have to move the oil filter canister, but I was lucky to find a leftover allen L wrench that was a little shorter than usual on the long side, such that it was able to turn under the return hose, once it was unplugged.

I also removed the whole airbox. In my 328i it's as much work as removing just the top. It's just two bolts and the clips that go into the air mass flow sensor. Once the box was removed I had more than enough space to plug the CPS connector without moving anything else.

I didn't remove the old sensor until the new wire was routed properly. Overall it took me about 1 hour. Piece of cake.

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