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Originally posted by napalm.one

Most audio dealers will tell you what you want to hear. Remember, the more you buy, the more they make! Seems like everything you know is based on what you've been told. BTW, specs matter, especially to those who understand them. It can tell you a lot about the speaker, and how it would function in a given type of enclosure. FYI, 12s can be as tight if not tighter than 10s. Its all about the install
I was not going to reply to E46freak because there is no point in auguing with someone who does not listen. I am speaking from experience not from second hand. I have owned 2 setups with 2 10" and 2 setups with one 12". And I had different results all the time. The box also plays a HUGE role in the sound & volume. There is no hard rule that 2 10"s will be louder than 1 12".
Although it is true that 2 10" are louder than one 12" because of cone area etc. you have to remember that you are talking about subs that are all about the same class. The ones Napalm mentions are the really Kick ass ones.

Napalm, I agree, there is too much mis-information, and sadly lots of it comes from dealers. I have had delers push Kenwood subs over ID because they werent ID dealers.. hmmm interesting.

Honestly my single IDMAX is louder, deeper & maybe punchier than my two 10" subs. The box is also slightly smaller. both were sealed boxes too. but of course the amps were different since the IDMAX is such a beast.

Specs are extremely important to look at, different subs are made for different reasons & different applications. My IDMAX is considered a high excursion SQ sub that can create lots of SPL. My 10's were entry level SQ subs. Dealers dont talk about SQ & SPL, they just want to make a sale NOW.

I was also wondering what the original poster meant by sound good. I would think that sounding good would mean you want to go with SQ, but Kicker Solobarics are SPL subs.

basically saying that 2 10" must be louder than 1 12" is like saying that my 184HP E46 MUST be faster than a 120HP lotus elise.
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