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Originally Posted by Jonesy16 View Post
My excitement regarding getting bluetooth working in my '04 325i was crushed recently when I found out that BMW no longer sells the ULF pairing button. Apparently it's now only available in the ULF install kit (~$160) and there's only one of those left in the country. I tried contacting to see if they'd sell me one and they'll only sell it in their $675 kit (I don't think so).

Now this button can't be too complex can it? It must just short two wires together to initiate the pairing sequence, right? Can anyone confirm this (or sell me a pairing button ;-)). I guess the other option is to install the eject box, yeah?

Thanks for any help.

I'm in the same boat. My wife's X5 has a pairing button that I hope will work once I get my ULF in. Otherwise, I was thinking the exact same thing in that the pairing button is proabably a microswitch that closes a circuit.

Please someone help us out!
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