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Originally Posted by DJiK View Post
Thanks for your reply d0e.

By saying that something newer is out, are you referring to the K-line? If not, what exactly then?

Here's what I think I know so far:
The I-bus is generally used to control the audio (and navigation) electronics, including the steering wheel controls.
It seems as though the best way to connect to the I-bus is via Reslers device.

The K-bus, on the other hand, controls a lot more, including:
DME Digital Motor Electronics
EGS Electronics gearbox control
EWS Electronics car immobilization system
ABS antilock-braking system with ASC/DSC
EHC electronic height control
A/C - Air Conditioning and HVAC
FGB Rear compartment blower
SRS Supplemental restraint system
IKE instrument cluster electronics
LCM Light check modules
GR2 Cruise control
PDC Park distance control
AIC Automatic interval control
RAD Radio (possibly including IBus?)
SZM Switching centre, centre console
NAV Navigation system (possibly including IBus?)
MID Multi-info display (possibly including IBus?)
ZKE Central body electronics
SMB Passenger seat memory
LSM Seat/steering wheel memory
EDC Electronic damper control
LEW Steering angle sensor
RDC Tyre pressure check
MFL Multi-function steering wheel (possibly including IBus?)
DSP Digital sound processor (possibly including IBus?)
BMBT On-board monitor, control panel
VID Video Module
SES Language input system
Tel car telephone (possibly including IBus?)
HKM Boot lid module
LRA Automatic headlight vertical aim control
FID Multi info display rear
Notice all those "(possibly including IBus?)" comments I've added. This is where I think the technologies overlap.
I wanted to confirm this by running a thorough search within the messageboard on the Yahoo Group.

So far, I know of three ways to connect to the K-Bus:
GT1 DIS, P.A.Soft, and Carsoft.

If I can confirm that I can have the same functionality of the I-Bus with the use of the K-Bus, then I might as well ditch the I-Bus and "Hack the K-Bus" instead.
By "newer" I was referring to the MOST bus (fiber optics) that e90's and other newer BMW's use. Unfortunately, a lost of the good resources have since disappeared, like

I haven't messed much with the k-bus, but I think most things I was looking for for my carPC are on the iBus (GPS coords, steering wheel controls, on-board monitor buttons, plus the DICE and sirius). AFAIK, lights and telephone/bluetooth are also sent over the ibus, while lower level things (LCM, headlight aiming, braking) are only available via the k-bus.

It's a pretty cool system, so it's too bad development on things related has slowed/stopped. I'm finding that I need to write most things I want myself. good luck with your carPC!
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