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Originally Posted by deltasleep View Post
Umm you are very defensive for a company with a 400 rwhp dyno on your site. The VF dyno is 470. Did I say that I walked him? no I said it was close. As for you comment that there is only 1 black m3 your again incorrect did you forget about the black M3 in spokane or the black on in Tacoma? Is it all possible that a customer had it installed outside of HPF? The blow off valve on this car was very very loud. I owned a supra and a turbo is300 (which you have a picture of on your web site) I know what they sound like. I'm in seattle and would love to come down and do another run. pump vs pump.
Do another run? Let's just get a real run in...

Just a friendly FYI...

#1) We have no customer M3's in Tacoma.
#2) The car in spokane (Robs) is dark blue and is stage 2 (with methanol) and he always runs methanol (550rwhp on pump) and doesn't have tinted windows.
#3) A VF stage 2 will NOT beat an HPF stage 1 on pump.

If you come down to Portland and your car beats an HPF stage 1 on pump I'll give you $500 cash no questions asked. I'll also post up everywhere that you won and post up videos of it. While you're here, I'll also give you a free dyno session and so we can see what your M3 does on our dyno.

What a deal. Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be sunny down here. I'd love to check out your car and I'm serious about the $500 cash. I will give it to you if you win! Bring your video camera and lets do it.


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