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Originally Posted by BMWPLT View Post
I have a slightly different set up with my E46 325i (2001). The shroud is separate from the fan. My dilemma is that I don't know how to remove the fan (which I assume must be removed first). Any ideas?

I had the same trouble as you, but i resolved it easily doing this:

buy a 1 1/4 inch wrench on your nearest autozone shop (mine was great "something" brand) and a large flat screwdriver.

Loose the fan cover using the T25 torx drive to unscrew the bolt on the right side, and pop off the secure pin on the other side.

with the wrench, unscrew the fan from the water pump, in clock wise orientation (itīs a reverse screw, so, it looses the way you normally thight another screws). If youīre lucky, you donīt even need to use the screwdriver, with little effort, you will loose the fan and take it off.

If you need the screwdriver, use it to block the rotation of the water pump, placing it between two of the little bolts around the fan.

To put it back, reverse the steps, but be sure to not thight the fan too much, itīs just a little more from the point where itīs completely screwed. because the rotation of the fan thightens it with the direction of the rotation.

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