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Just recieved a call from the dealer..
and confirmed my worst nightmare..

After 2 days of testing they couldn't find where is the problem, they think that is related to the electric sys.
considering that ecu and haul sensors are ok ( they checked the top angle via Modic and every degree is correct)
they suppose that the problem is a shorted circuit in a wire somewhere..

if I want to procede they must dismantle the entire top and part of the car,charging me for this operation..

i've consdered to get an used ebay top for spares but the prices is around 1000 (but i dont need the fabrics..only the wires,the line and the valves assembly)..

I dont' think that the game is worth the candle..

but at the same time i think that the labor fees will be quite high for the things they have to do for finding the problem..

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