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I'm kind of confused on this. Mainly identifying which pulley is which and what terms are used for what, and I was hoping you guys could help me out. I've looked at a lot of pictures and parts trying to understand, which probably made it worse. =/ When you guys say tensioner (at least in this thread) you are referring to the pulleys which tighten the belts correct? So is this also referred to as a tensioner?
Also in the diy, it looks like there are 2 pulleys you have to take off, are those two separate parts/tensioners or is it just one? The dealer told me there are two and I assumed one was for the main belt drive and the other was for the a/c belt, but after seeing two pulleys removed here I wasn't sure. Also I know there are two types of mounting (centered and off-center) for a lot of the pulleys but which type will I need for each pulley? Lastly which pulley is the idler pulley?

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