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Originally Posted by kpeng View Post
Well, I wasn't encouraging getting away with it in the states that do have emission control. I was actually suggesting they go and get racing cats so that their cars can be legal on the road.
I think it's worth noting for California board members, running headers that are not C.A.R.B (California Air Resource Board) approved are illegal whether you run cats or not. This is according to California Vehicle Code 27156


C.A.R.B. Approved headers are exempt from this (I know of no approved headers for our cars) Dinan produced an approved header for the 2000-2003 4.9L M5 and Z8 but thats all I could find here:


Personally I think this is stupid if you can pass the tailpipe sniffer you should be allowed to modify it. The only way around it here is to find someone willing to 'help' you pass or swap your old manifolds back on every two years for the test. I haven't been able to find the penalties for the offense yet but there is a provision that says if you are found guilty of 'willfully' breaking the law the court is to impose the maximum fine. I'll see if I can find what that is.

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