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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
not picking on you my fellow fanatic. but it's a good post but it's never gonna get (highly unlikely) a sticky when very few people are going to buy and install headers. if you didn't read they are illegal in several states and not TUV approved in europe. you can't sticky everything as the front page would be lost.
A far majority of Fanatics WILL buy rear exhausts, intakes, mirrors and diff swaps. There is not a sticky on those threads like SycE46's infamous Diff info, there sure isn't gonna be one for ebay headers. You really think the Sponsors/Advertisers that sell Supersprint, AA, Techniks and other headers are gonna sit back and see links to sellers on Ebay get a front page advertisement?? If anything it could get merged to the "Want to mod but don't know what's out there" thread. then again this is just one person's humble opinion.
You're right Alex. SycE46's diff info is excellent, I link it to people whenever I can. It's too bad politics gets in the way of actually informative threads being available to fanatics. Sad how many people don't know about that diff thread for example, when it's pretty much everything you need to know.
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