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Originally Posted by snikwad View Post
You need to clarify your statements.
If your any kind of serious about this and want to be taken seriously you need to kill the jokes, not the n00bs.
There is no room for misinterpritation if your serious about this.
Being a mod is serious business, to be taken seriously you have to act seriously. So all this talk of banning mawfukaz for what is apparently no reason, does NOT belong here. Maybe later on, you can make those jokes, but right now u had me like, wtf, is he for real? Thank god this isn't real.

Ill edit while I still can but you gotta be crystal clear about your message. This is internet, I can't see the smirk on your face while you post, and neither can the thousands of other members.
I think you're taking this way more seriously than I am. I said it in my original post already, this is half for-fun, half serious. I think I've been clear enough, interpret it as you wish. I assure that "bans" won't be handed out like free stickers, to anyone who doesn't agree with me, or gives me attitude. The person's post history, and general attitude towards other members will be taken into account. Scammers, like they are no, will be shown no mercy, nor will people who falsely advertise things for sale. Relax man, I told you I'd give latin women a chance just for you

Originally Posted by cngzsn View Post
I know how helpful you are, just trying to point that the definition of a legitimate question might vary according to how many posts they have.
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