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Originally Posted by kpeng View Post
I would like to be serious for a second here though and propose a few ideas that I'd like to see happen regardless of if I actually, by some miracle of god, become a moderator.

1. I propose that we not allow new members to create new threads of their own until they've hit a certain post count. I don't know, maybe 50 or 100 posts? That will encourage searching, thus eliminating repetitive threads, as well as prevent spammers from registering to make ad threads.

2. I'd like to see some better sales system implemented in the classifieds section. For starters, it'd be cool to list a member's "feedback" on the sidebar so that prospective buyers can instantly see their reputation.

3. Is there a way to code the site so that anyone who tries to quote a post that contains a long series of photos is not allowed to do so? It makes reading threads much more tedious and unnecessary.
actually, i think those are great ideas. especially #1

Originally Posted by snikwad View Post
I'm trying to tell the young boy that while the snow bunnies are def nice, there's too many wonderful flavors to limit yourself to one.

Its just not right. Jolly rancher bags don't come with just apple flavor. There's something for everyone to try a few
AGREED 100% i'm a fan of the more exotic or "modded girl" over the "oem girl". oem doesn't float my boat too much. there are exceptions though, sometimes an oem girl has all needed mods and are like a maserati or astin martin.
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