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Originally Posted by simsima325 View Post
^ Right on. And Zeshon, if you have such strong feeling on certain posts, you should report them so the moderators can see them.

This forum is huge. Its impossible for any moderator team (even one including Ken Peng) to see every problematic post or thread, without the help of the viewing membership.
While I (strangely) do agree with you and Russ on that, I am on here far more than you guys, and I am roaming around in every forum, reading every thread more so than you guys. I will be able to tackle problems that you would otherwise not find unless someone reported it. I'm on here all day when I'm at home, even at school. I enjoy being on here, I enjoy answer questions, and reading threads. Our differences aside, it seems to me like you guys have kind of lost interest in being a member, and just do things and post things around here moderator related. JonJon is the only mod, who I feel like really enjoys his "job".

While other moderators like bluecougar, and B are barely even on, and aren't around to even help with the duties. It seems like you, russ, and JonJon are the only three moderators doing anything. All kidding aside about the noobs, I think I have some very good ideas that I'd like to implement. zeshon said it best (thank you for your support), while I don't think you guys take me seriously, I would like to see some of those ideas put to work because I think a lot of people out there agree with me on those issues.

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