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I'm not gonna vote, but if it's up to me I'd give him 1 week up to 1 month trial period, depending on his attitude & performance. After the trial period, it'll be up to members to keep him or not. We could have "Kpeng's performance as mod evaluation thread" during the trial period and even after. If he screws up and pisses a lot of people...Permanent Ban.

The reason I'd give him a trial are:
1. of course to help current mods
2. he is a post whore, so it's likely that he doesn't miss many threads (but I wonder why he never post on mine )
3. he is quite resourceful

I don't know Ken personally; but from some of his posts, it seems like he is too harsh on people, sometimes provocative. He might state that he's been partially joking, but in this forum, we can't really tell for sure whether he's playing around or harassing people. Text only give little information, we don't get his tone and the look of his face when he says his comments.
With that style of his, no wonder that people get offended.

Ken, you need to behave, or at least put smilies to let people know that you're joking.


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